How To Save a Wet Smartphone?

Water is one of the worst enemies of smartphones. Unfortunately, many users have suffered its effects, which often involve goodbye to the device. However Nokia wanted to give a ray of hope to those who have given a chance to dip their devices and have posted an infographic explaining the five steps that can restore life to a wet smartphone. For the skeptics, yes, rice seems to work.

Dry wet smartphone

All steps are more or less obvious, but the first is the most obvious. If the smartphone is dropped in the water, the first thing is to let it drain all liquid. As if it were clothesline, users should let most of the liquid falls from device before any other step. It is essential that as much liquid as possible drop out for the process to be more likely to succeed.

The second step is to draw cards and battery. Users should remove their SIM card, memory cards that may be on the device and, if possible, remove the battery. According to this, Nokia seeks to prevent a short-circuit that can cause water. In addition, these parts may no longer work, but will have to check later.

Next, with a towel or dry cloth, users should rub the device to try to dry the maximum possible surface. At this point, you are prohibited from using paper and electric dryers. The paper, in contact with the fluid, may affect the parts of the device, and dryers hot air typically can have a similar harmful effect. Therefore, users must use towels or cloths.

The next step clears one of the universal questions. The myth of rice seems real. Nokia recommends putting the device, once towel-dried in a bag of rice. The bag should be placed over a radiator and ideally leave it there for at least the entire night.

The objective is to use the rice absorbent material to drain remain moisture that has kept inside the device. Thus, Nokia confirms that the myth of using rice is real, and is recommended for use in such situations.

The last step is to check that the device works. In this case, return all the peaces you have removed from the device (do not return memory card), power it on, and wait to see if the device responds. If you’re lucky, the phone will return to life and the water should be only a bad story. Otherwise, Nokia expects that users have backed up their content.

Nokia instructions how to dry wet smartphone

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