How To Optimize Android Device on easy way?

In some cases, the use of a Android smartphone or tablet becomes problematic and troublesome, however there are several ways to optimize Android device and make its use more fluid. First of all, the most important is to ALWAYS update the device, and in order to do that go to “Settings -> About device -> Software update“. By updating your Android device you will solve several problems due to a flaw in the previous version or because of some bugs.

Update Android

Instead of restarting your Android device each time it got stuck on certain application or acts strange, accessing the application manager can do the trick. Application manager is accessible by pressing the “Home button” for few seconds from your home screen and then tap on “Task Manager” option. From here you will see a list of all active application on your Android device. Go to the tab “RAM” tab and then tap on “Clear memory” and more space will be freed on the phone memory thereby facilitating its use. This will certainly optimize Android device and make it more stable. [Read Also: How To Control Android from PC?]

Android Task Manager

It is also possible to install third-party applications to better manage your device. Application such as Apps Organizer allows you to sort your applications for each type or History Eraser and CCleaner, to delete traces of navigation or unused files.

And if you want to customize your Android environment we recommend you to use the free app called Go Launcher EX which is very popular which and its ideal to find a theme that suits you.

The use of modified ROMs on your Android is not recommended because you can make your device unstable after mishandling and most importantly, your warranty will not be valid.

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