How To Manually Update Samsung Galaxy SIII Camera Firmware?

Samsung has recently rolled out a firmware update for the camera of the Samsung Galaxy S3. However this update wont be installed automatically, but it must be done manually. We have compiled the steps that are necessary to install this firmware update.

The firmware with the version number GDFF03 brings first firmware update on Galaxy SIII but with no visible changes. However, since changes are done under the hood there are probably some optimizations which should be performed on your smartphone, so it is advisable to do this upgrade. Users of AOSP-based custom ROMs, be warned: You can also perform this update, but leads to serious problems. If want to perform this update we strongly advise you to perform the steps we have suggested below!

Step 1: First, on your keypad type following code *#34971539#

Check Samsung Galaxy S3 firmware version

Step 2: In the opened menu, the current camera firmware can be viewed by taping on option “Phone/Cam FW Check” and a small fading box will appear at the bottom of your screen showing current version of your camera firmware. If it shows version GDFF03, you don’t have to perform any camera firmware updates on your Samsung Galaxy SIII.

Step 3: However if you firmware version is not the latest one (GDFF03), then tap on option “Phone to CAM FW Write” and firmware will be automatically downloaded and installed on your Galaxy SIII.

CameraFirmware Standard

Step 4: After restarting the device the update is complete.

Have you successfully updated your Samsung Galaxy SIII camera with latest firmware version or was it already installed? Let us and other readers know.

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