How To Keep Your Android Clean and Fast?

As its important is to have the best smartphone in the market, either iOS, Blackberry, Windows Phone or Android, it is also important to keep it clean and fast as it was the first day you bought it. Every device is designed to last long, but if you fill it with unnecessary files and applications, eventually its performance will fall down, as is the case with your computer. In this guide we’ve put together a list of tips and applications for the Android which you can use to lengthen the life of your device and keeping it clean and fast.

These tips will help you to keep your Android clean and fast all time.

Applications, files, caches, widgets, outdated versions of Android… all these factors combined together will make your Android device to slow down. It’s performance will be reduced and you wont be able to play any games or run multiple applications simultaneously. But everything has a solution.

Tips for Android tuning and Android Cleanup

  • Empty the cache.
  • Uninstall applications you do not use, especially games, which take up more space.
  • Disables the widgets you really do not use. Consume memory in vain.
  • Empty memory card. Often crowded with files that do not always need.
  • Make regular backups.
  • Keep updated Android and other applications.

Applications for maintaining Android

Clean Master: We started with one of the best tools. Combining cache cleaning, application uninstaller, task management and deletion of personal data. Regarding the applications, when you install one manually from Android, Clean Master asks you to also delete files and cache configuration.

[adsense] Easy Cache Cleaner: As the name suggests, this app is used to clear the Android cache. Easy Cache Cleaner can be used by pressing a single button, and erasing entire cache of the programs that are taking up space. You can also set reminders to empty the cache on specific time frames.

History Eraser: With this utility you can delete search and browsing history, call lists, messages, cache, clipboard data and much more.

Smart Memory Booster: The two missions of this application are seemingly contradictory. On the one hand, Smart Memory Booster wants to maximize the RAM of your Android device. And on the other hand it will make sure your battery last as much as possible. To achieve this goal, this application is freeing memory and close applications you’re not using and remain in the background.

App Cache Cleaner: This is another tool to clear the cache. Apart from cleaning the cache manually, App Cache Cleaner allows you to schedule automatic cleaning every so often or to start it when you start/close an application.

JuiceDefender: If you want to squeeze your Android battery, JuiceDefender will help you with that. You do not have to touch anything, the program works autonomously adapting to the use you make in your phone. Needless to say it does not make miracles, but it optimize battery consumption by extending their autonomy.

Easy Battery Saver: If you’re not convinced with previous app JuiceDefender, you can try this application. Easy Battery Saver has several modes, depending on the type of battery saver you want to obtain. In any case, all the dirty work is done by program, you just have to choose saving mode the first time you open it.

Advanced Task Killer: With this tool you can kill processes, some of which monopolize most of memory available on your Android device. You can close processes manually or automatically, and you can also make a list of excluded processes.

appInstaller: This is not used to uninstall applications, but install them on the SD memory card that is included in your Android phone. Thus, the phone’s memory remains occupied only by the operating system and specific application, but most applications will occupy the SD card, typically larger than the cell itself.

Advanced Mobile Care: We end this list with another utility application loaded with features. At Advanced Mobile Care you will find all kinds of functions, such as anti-theft and anti-virus protection, call blocking … But what really interests us at this time is that optimizes battery use, clean the cache and the memory in use, close tasks and allows you uninstall or move apps to your SD card. It also has backup function.

With all these applications it is not needed for your to maintain your Android device every day. Once a month is all you have to spend on cleaning your Android device. Also, most of these applications run completely on auto pilot, so it wont require any action from you.

about the author:

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