How to Unlock an Android Phone

If you don’t know how to unlock an android phone and you want to unlock it without losing phone data, then you have to take it to the manufacturers of this model. But if you want to unlock your device and you don’t care about losing any data, then it is a piece of cake for you as it is easier than eating a cake. If you are thinking of using any software from your laptop and then attaching mobile with it, you are probably wrong. Every android model comes with a unique three button code. Three buttons which every android phone has are “power, volume up/down” buttons. In case, you don’t know what buttons to press on startup then search on Google by typing your device name and its recovery buttons.

Recovery mode is the program that appears on the screen when you press recovery buttons (power + vol + or vol -) and there are some other settings related to rooting and managing the device available on recovery mode. Be careful not to disturb any setting if you don’t know much about it. You can also accidentally flash the whole software and you will be left with a bricked android smartphone. So, in case you have forgotten your pattern or password, follow the following steps carefully to unlock any android phone.

  • Turn your locked device off.
  • Turn on Recovery mode as described above.
  • In the recovery mode select “Wipe All Data or Factory Reset”.
  • Scroll down and select “Yes” from the options.
  • Wait for your device to reboot automatically; there are some models in which mobile don’t restart on their own, so you have to do it manually. You can restart it by taking the battery out and then putting it back.
  • Let your android run, it will be like it is running for first time when you took it out of box because all of the data has been removed.

How to unlock an android phoneYou can also format your SD card from recovery mode. After finishing resetting your password, make sure you add a new password. It is a good practice to keep your contacts and important data always backed up in cloud storage and SD card. So, even in case you forget your password and unlock it by formatting everything you still have chance to backup all your important data and contacts. By using above methods, you can unlock any android Smartphone on one condition that your data will be gone.

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