How to transfer contacts from an iPhone to a Computer

The contact application in iPhone holds the whole information including email, address and whatever a user has saved for that contact. However, you can easily transfer contacts or entire contacts list that is saved into your iPhone inside the computer. This procedure is applicable to all of the iOS devices not just iPhone (iPad / iPod & all iPhones).

Transferring contacts from your device to computer is quite easy as it doesn’t require a fair share of head-banging; everyone can do it in just a few minutes.

If you don’t know about iCloud; now is the time that you should start learning about it as it is big savior that helps in migrating phones; recovering data and blocking stolen phones to make them useless.

To transfer contacts from an iPhone to a computer; follow the steps listed below, i will refer to your iPhone/iPod/iPad as iDevice in this guide.

  • On your iDevice tap Settings and then tap iCloud.


  • Tap iCloud and then tap on Contacts to turn it on; when it’s on the slider (will be green). If it is already ON; turn it off and turn it back on again to push it to sync contacts.


  • The contacts will now be synced to your iCloud account. Go to and sign in with your Apple ID and Password on your computer.
  • When you see the list of all your contacts; choose the top contact (by clicking it once to highlight it) then hold the CTRL key on your keyboard and press A.
  • Then click the settings wheel in the bottom right and choose Export VCARD.

Export as Vcard

  • Now save the contacts file to your Desktop and it will have all your contacts.

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