How to Setup a Private WiFi Hotspot on Your iPhone

On various occasions, you come in urgent necessity to share your internet. But the questions still stands, how exactly can you share your internet? Well, here is a complete step-by-step demonstration to set-up your own personal hotspot network in order to share it with other people. In school/college, you might get stuck in such a situation where you really require the availability of internet or simply wanting to surf the internet to see Cat videos, but you can’t ask your friend to lend you his phone, assuming he is in need of internet as well. What you can do is set-up the hotspot on his iPhone in order to share the blessing of the internet. Keep in mind; it is not permitted to use your phone in the learning institutes.

Let’s begin with creating a private hotspot on an iPhone:

How to setup a private WiFi hotspot on your iPhoneTo get started, first you need to locate your “Settings” and tap on it. By doing so, it will take you to another page; there you will see several options.

How to setup a personal WiFi hotspot on your iPhoneAs you can see, right below the “Wi-Fi” option you will see Personal Hotspot” option with an arrow right next to it. What you need to do is see if your hotspot is “ON”. In case it is “OFF”, you can turn it on by simply tapping on the ON/OFF toggle. In the OFF mode of hotspot you would be able to pair with other phones by USB or Bluetooth connections.

How to setup a personal WiFi hotspot on your iPhoneBy enabling the toggle “ON”, now you are sharing the internet with the world. Who can use your internet? Well, whoever is in range of nearly 20 meters of your phone would be able to use internet through the hotspot you created. In order to prevent from unidentified devices to pair with your internet, you can set-up a password on your internet. Right below the “ON/OFF” toggle you will see the ‘Wi-Fi password” option (As shown in the figure). By default the password would be abc12345″ which is a combination of 8-characters. Erase that and insert the password you want to impose. Now, you are able to share your internet with the people around you. There is always a record of all the devices paired to your iPhone in the notification bar, in order for you to keep track of all the paired devices.

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