How to Keep Your Android Device Updated?

Considering the fact that Android Operating system has taken an immense amount of user’s intention due to its great features and the functionality, there isn’t any doubt that Android has made the lives easier, the reason of popularity is not only due to the fact that Android’s educational and entertainment applications are helpful to users but also it has that advancement of technology that is required in the current era.

Cool features and advancement in functionality are the things that Android provides in the latest versions. In fact, it is always good to keep the Android version on your device updated. However, Android version 6.0 Marshmallow has been launched on the latest Samsung Devices and on few others.

In this content, you will know how to keep your android device updated, without any complications. In order to update your Android version you will need the following things:

  • PC/Laptop
  • USB Data Cable
  • Android device on which you will update your Android.

First thing you have to do is to make sure that your data on Device is completely “Backed-up”, you can back-up your data by going to Settings > Backup and resets > Back up the data, because the data on phone will be lost when you update the Android version on your device, keep your data safe by Back-up option in settings.

how to keep your android device updatedOnce you have made the Back-up of your data. Go to the settings on the device, Settings > About Phone > System updates. Tap on the “System Updates”, an option will appear. By Clicking on it, the system will automatically search for latest update on your device.

how to keep your android device updatedThere are not much of user efforts to install the new Android Version on your device. The system will automatically search for the latest update. When the update is found by the system, attach the device to PC by using the Data Cable, by opening up your phone storage on PC, it will automatically redirect you to a Web page, through which the system software update will start. Keep in mind, as you have tapped on the install new Android version the device will get automatically restarted in a few seconds. A screen will pop up before starting up the phone about the installation process. Your phone will be updated in a few moments as it is restarted.

The steps are real easy and simple. Even though, in each Android version there is a better advancement in functionality in the next Android Version. Keep your Android device updated.

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