How To Gain Access to Your Desktop Computer With an Android Phone

In case, your daily routine is in such a shape that you have to be away from your computer or maybe multiple computers. What if you are in urgent need to locate some file from your computer, or maybe you need to gain access to your computer(s)? How would you do that? Well, don’t worry. We will provide you proper guide in order to gain access to your desktop computer with an “Android Phone”. What you will require is an Android phone preferably with Version 2.1” or higher so that it is compatible with an Android application named PC System Monitor”. First you will need to install the application from the Play Store”.

How-to-gain-access-to-your-desktop-computer-using-an-android-phoneWhen you are done with it, now log in to your computer. You will be required to get the same application called “PC System Monitor” on your computer as well. You can easily download that by going to the Once you are there, download the application based on your operation system. For example, if your operating system is Linux then get the Linux application and if you have windows, then get the windows application, obviously. Make sure you download the right application based on the processor compatibility of your operating system whether it is “x32 or x64”.

How-to-gain-access-to-your-desktop-computer-using-an-android-phoneAfter downloading the application, it will ask you to input some of your personal information including your “name” and your “email address” in order to create an account. After you are done with it, it will ask you to verify your account by sending a certain code to your provided email address. Go to your email address and retrieve the “validation code”, copy that and insert in your validation toll bar. This will be only once so you don’t have to worry about this fuss every time. The next step would be to configure the early settings for application. Most significantly, provide your computer a certain title. That way it will be way easier for you to comprehend what computer you’re actually referring to. In case, you have one computer, well, then you obviously will be less diligent here. And in case you would like to monitor more than one computer, you should definitely consider using “Groups” option. Once you are good to go, Click on “OK” in order to begin you monitoring.

How-to-gain-access-to-your-desktop-computer-with-an-android-phoneNow launch the application in your android device and it will show you something similar to the one below.

how-to-gain-access-to-your-desktop-computer-with-an-android-deviceNow, select the computer name you want to access. Voila! Now you are good to go. You can access to your computer everywhere. This application requires internet, so use 3G or 4G preferably. You can use Wi-Fi as well but you will be loose connection if you run out the range.

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