How to Check for Dead Batteries Using a Smartphone Camera

Probably, some of you would be thinking it as a joke and some would be wondering that how it is possible to check for dead batteries using a smartphone. Almost every one watches TV and in fact, every house has a dedicated TV lounge. TV cannot be used without a remote for now. Sometimes, it happens while switching between channels that your TV remote stops working; everyone hates this.

To overcome this issue, you slap the remote to a hard surface and then try it again if it works. If it doesn’t work, the second time, you take the batteries out and put them back in to check whether it’s working but it doesn’t work. Now, you don’t know whether there is a problem in the remote or batteries.

Everyone has a phone with camera. Now days, android and iPhone are popular which are also equipped with camera. To figure out what is wrong with the remote, just pull out your smartphone from your pocket and open the camera app, point the smartphone camera towards the remote’s infra-red area and press the keys of the remote. If there is no light emitting from the remote’s infra-red area, then you would have to check the remote by inserting new batteries. If, by inserting new batteries, the remote doesn’t work, then there is some problem inside the remote. If the light emitting out of the remote is extremely faint, then it is the time to change the batteries.

How-to-check-for-dead-batteries-using-a-smartphoneTV remotes eject infra-red impulses towards the sensor if the TV in order to access the features like changing the channel or tuning. Infra-red light is just outside the visibility range of human eye. So, these rays cannot be viewed with naked eyes. The reason why a smartphone camera can show the infra-red light is its eligibility to perceive these rays which a human eye cannot.

Some of the latest smartphones and cameras have problem with this feature as they have introduced latest technologies to lower the noise level inside pictures or videos. For this purpose, you can open the front facing camera, which is always a low resolution camera. It can help you out in checking whether the batteries are dead or not.

This trick doesn’t work on those remotes that use bluetooth or wireless technology instead of infra-red.

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