How to Charge Your Smartphone Using Fruits

Yes, you read that correct. In this era, charging your phone is almost as important as drinking water. Well, now you can charge your phone with the help of nothing but about a dozen of Acidic fruits, which could be anything i.e. apple, lemon, or pear. Before we proceed with the method, we would like to include that this method does come with some of the possible risks. Keep in mind the fact that it could cause potential damage to your Smartphone.

Let’s get started with this the things you will be required to use for this method. You will need:

  • A copper screw or it could be a penny for each of the piece of the fruit you will be using. You will need to sand the pennies to expose the copper, in case you are using the pennies made after the 1982.
  • Almost a dozen of the fruits with citric acid e.g. Pears, Apples.
  • Insulated Copper Wire.
  • Zinc nails – each for the amount of the fruits you’re using.
  • Gloves – preferably made of rubber in order to prevent getting shock.

First, you will need to probe the Zinc into the fruit, not all the way inside, just the bottom of it and leave the top out enough to attach a wire to it.

How to charge your smartphone with fruitsNow probe the copper piece inside the fruit as well, just parallel to the zinc nail. Make sure both won’t attach to each other or the circuit will short.

Charge your smartphone with the help of fruitsNow, you have to do this for each of the fruits you’re using, Insert zinc and cooper nail in each of the fruit. Now, use the copper wire and attach them all together in order to make a complete circuit. You have to attach in such a way that it attaches the copper wire to the zinc of the other. As shown in the figure below.

How to charge your smartphone with fruitsNow take your phone cable and cut it in such a way that the small wires inside the cable will reveal. Connect the wires inside the cable to the end of the wires of the circuit you created and roll tape over it.

How to charge your phone with the help of fruits.Well, each of the fruit will produce about the half volt of the energy, which altogether adds up to the 5 volts when you have your phone attached to it. Well, this method certainly won’t be suffice to charge your phone for a long time but it will give almost the same energy for your phone to make a call or even keep it ON for more than an hour.

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