How To Download Entire Dropbox Folders From Your Android?

If from some reason you need to download your entire folders from Dropbox account you will notice that something like that is not really possible. However thanks to a small app and few tricks you can easily bypass this limitation and in this how to guide we will show you how.

Undoubtedly, Dropbox cloud storage service is one of the fundamental applications across all Android device. Most of smartphones and tablets are on low internal storage capacity, and many users extend their storage through Dropbox.

However, the Dropbox app for Android, despite being pretty good, has some notable deficiencies. One of them, which many users have claimed, is the possibility of downloading multiple files/folders with a single action. To stop this problem we present an application that comes specifically designed to cover this deficiency, and by following steps below you will find out how to download entire folders from your Dropbox account into your Android device.

Step 1: Logically, the first thing you need is to download Folder Downloader for Dropbox from Google Play Store. This app for Android devices is completely free and can be downloaded from this link.

Install Folder Downloader for Dropbox

Step 2: Once the app is downloaded and installed on your Android device, lunch Folder Downloader for Dropbox and enter your Dropbox user data. There are three distinct steps which will be necessary to complete in order to be able to use this app. The first is to enable the authentication process by taping on button “Authenticate”.

Authenticate to Dropbox

Step 3: Then the Dropbox app will lunch, where we have to tap on “I’m already a Dropbox user” and insert your email/username and your password. Click Log in button to proceed.

Dropbox login

Add Dropbox login details

Step 4: After the last step we have to confirm access to our Dropbox account by a foreign service (Folder Downloader for Dropbox) by clicking green “Allow” button.

Note: you will also receive a notification email that you’ve added a new app, ‘Folder Downloader’, to your Dropbox.

Allow app access to Dropbox

Step 5: Once the synchronization process is completed, we can browse all our available folders at Dropbox. The only option we have is to go into different folders by taping on them, unable to even see the files they contain.

Step 6: Despite its usefulness in this app interface we can only see a folders name. The only option we have is to download our folders by taping on button “Download all to…” located at bottom of the screen. You can also download each folder separately by opening them and then taping on same button on bottom of the screen.

Browse all folders in Folder Downloader for Dropbox

Step 7: By taping on “Download all to…” button you have to choose the destination in which you want to store the files from your Dropbox account. We can create a new folder or even cancel the download.

Choose destination folder

Step 8: Choose a destination folder and confirm the download process. A pop-up window will appear asking you “Are you sure you want to start the download?”, tap on “Yes”.

Start Dropbox folder download

Step 9: After waiting a few seconds (the time depends on the type and amount of files in the source folder, and the speed of your connection) a menu will appear with the folder(s) name you downloaded on your Android device.

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