How to Disable the Face Tag Feature on Your Samsung Galaxy S3 and Note 2?

In this tutorial we gonna show you how to disable face tag feature on your Samsung Galaxy S3 and Note 2. There is a huge debate when it comes to face tag feature which is available in these two latest Samsung devices, because some people like it while other don’t. It uses facial recognition like you have on Facebook, allowing you to tag a name on the face once it scans your photos. Once the device recognize the face you trying to capture it will automatically tag it for you. If u have that person in your phone contact list it will give you 3 options: texting, calling or emailing.

Disable Face tag on Samsung Galaxy Device

While the feature has its pros, it also has a cons because it sometimes won’t work like you want it to. For example if the person’s face that you want to shoot is in awkward position that the phone can’t recognize, it won’t work, or if you have a bright flash on your camera, the facial recognition won’t work either. Even if a small part of the face is out of camera’s view, face tag feature won’t be able to recognize it.

If these yellow boxes really go on your nerves, this is how you can disable them:

Step 1: On your device launch the Gallery app and then select any picture you want.

Step 2: Tap on the “Menu” key and then select “Face Tag“.

Step 3: From the face Tag pop-up menu tap “Off“.

When you are done with all 3 steps above you and your photos won’t be annoyed anymore with those yellow face tag boxes.

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