How To Delete Applications From Google Play History?

With recent Google Play for Android update, one among the most important news in addition to stability and performance improvements is the option that allow us to delete apps from Google Play history which we ever bought or downloaded to our Android device.

This option is very useful if you have install many free applications through Google Play and no longer want to use them. By using this option you can clear the history of what you have installed and bought trough Google Play Store. Note that one you clear the history, those application which you have purchased will be lost and to obtain them you will have to pay for them again.

Step 1: Open Google Play Store from your Android device.

Lunch Google Play Store app

Step 2: Press “Menu” button on your device and from menu that opens up tap on “My Apps”.

Play Store My Apps

Step 3: Now make sure you are viewing “All” where you will see a list of all applications that are installed on your device and those you installed in paste.

View all apps you have installed on your Android device trough Play Store

Step 4: Next of each app which is not installed on your device right now, you will see a delete button. Tap on that button to delete it from your Google Plat Store history.

Select which apps to delete from Play Store history

Step 5: When a confirmation window opens up tap on “OK” and its done.

Confirm app removal from Google Play Store

That’s to¬†this¬†option we can erase the record of our applications purchased over Play Store to keep a closer eye on quality apps.

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