How To Create a Full Backups of Android Smartphone Without Root?

One of the most necessary things for Android users is, without doubt, the backups. It is always good to have predefined at least a couple of weekly backups. So we make sure that our applications and their data is stored in a safe place. In Android, there are many tools to back up almost anything (contacts, SMS, emails, applications …), but most of them require root privileges to be fully effective.

Ultimate Backup Tool for Not Rooted Android

Today we are presenting you a program (not application for Android) that will provide us with the tools to make a backup (no need to be root) in a few simple steps.The need to make a backup without requiring the user to have root privileges was what led to Gigadroid, XDA Forero, to develop a program to keep our data on the computer.

Simply connect your smartphone to your computer, we can make several types of copy without being root. Or, if you want, you can become root from the program itself. The program also offers you the options to restore your previously made backup copies.

Ultimate Backup Tool gives us the following backup and restore options:

  • Backup all applications without system applications.
  • Backup all applications, including system.
  • Backup applications and all data on the device
  • Backup applications
  • Backup SD card and internal memory
  • Backing up a particular application
  • Restoring a backup

Regarding the connectivity, the program also provides the necessary files when your smartphone is connected to your compute. It will give us the necessary drivers, unlocking the bootloader or providing root permissions. The full list of options regarding this is:

  • Install drivers
  • Unlock bootloader (only Galaxy Nexus)
  • Install ClockworkMod Recovery / ClockworkMod Recovery Touch (Galaxy Nexus only)
  • Rooting the phone (requires installed CWM)
  • All in one: Install drivers, unlock bootloader, install CWM and root (only Galaxy Nexus)

The program which is available for PC and Mac is now in its version 1.2.2 and is progressing well. The developer makes us some important recommendations such as USB debugging enabled and password setup to print from the computer, on the development of our android. To activate the first and the second set, you have to go to Settings –> Developer Options.

Android Developer Options

We can confirm that it works with a GalaxyS2, Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Nexus. All with Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean. If you wish to download this program you can do that from below two links depending on which operating system you have on your computer”

If you have any questions or comments leave them in comment section below or visit program developer page at XDA-Developers.

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