How To Control Android from PC?

To transfer files between your computer and your Android smartphone, you can go through a direct connection over USB cable or you can use the Wireless or Bluetooth if your computer has one. This method is not fast and you do not have access to all folders on the phone but you are not able to fully control Android from PC.

There are many applications and devices which offer you a solution to control Android from PC, but for this purpose we have decided to use the free application called AirDroid. Once its installed on your phone, it will allow you to transform your Android into small server accessed with a password from any computer connected on your network.

Control Android from PC

In order to be able to use AirDroid your phone must be connected via WiFi to the same local network as your PC (which can be connected either via WiFi, Ethernet or CPL). So before you start with process on enabling the app to control Android from PC, firstly check that the WiFi connection on your phone is active and that you are connected to your Wireless router.

With a Web browser on your computer you can easily access files, music, photos, call logs, messages and applications on your phone. You can save apps, install new, read your SMS and send it back, which is pretty handy with keyboard input on the computer.

Control Android from PC – Steps to follow

Step 1: To control your Android from PC, first you need to install the application on your mobile device AirDroid. To do that visit this link, download and install the AirDroid app.

Install AirDroid app to Control Android from PC

Step 2: Now once the app is up and running on your Android device, you need to enable AirDroid on your phone and remember the provided password. To do that launch the app by taping on its icon from your home screen.

Launch AirDroid app from home screen

Step 3: Tap on the “Start” button.

Start AirDroid app to get access code

Step 4: AirDroid is then executed and ready for connection to your computer.

Step 5: Remember or note the password that you specified.

Remember AirDroid access codes and access link in order to control Android from PC computer

Step 6: To control Android from PC, open your favorite web browser on your desktop PC and then type this url or inside address bar.

Access AirDroid app from your web browser on PC computer

Step 7: In the “Password field“, enter the password previously noted in AirDroid on your phone and then click “Login“.

Add password inside AirDroid login filed to connect to your Android device

Step 8: Your phone plays a sound which means that the connection between your Android phone and computer is established.

Step 9: The dashboard of your Android phone is displayed in your PC browser.

Android device dashboard inside PC web browser

Step 10: Information’s such as device model, memory status, battery & network status, etc.. are displayed inside your PC web browser.

Step 11: When you have finished using AirDroid, you simply close the browser window on your desktop PC and close the application AirDroid on your phone.

Read and Write SMS messages from PC

With AirDroid, you can read and write SMS messages directly from your computer. You can also access your contact list and call. To do that:

Step 1: Click “Messages” icon to access messages sent and received from your phone.

Launch Messages icon from your PC web browser

Step 2: The list of messages exchanged is displayed.

Step 3: Click on a message to view a discussion.

List of messages from Android device

Step 4: You can continue the discussion by typing your message in the bottom frame. Click “Send” to send your message through your phone.

Send message from PC

Step 5: To write a new message, click “New Message“.

Compose new message

Step 6: Select the destination by starting to type the name or click “Contacts“.

Choose contact

Step 7: Enter your message and confirm with “Enter” on your PC keyboard.

Step 8: To access the call history, click the “Call logs” icon from your web browser.

Call logs icon

Step 9: You can delete call log by checking their boxes and clicking the “Trash” icon.

Call logs list

Copy files from Android device to desktop PC

With AirDroid you can completely control Android from PC by easily coping files from your Android device to your computer and vice verse. By clicking on “Files” icon you can access files on your phone and memory card. Clicking “Photos” you can access all images. By clicking on “Videos” you can access videos on your PC from Android and watch them inside your web browser. Finally by clicking on “Music” you will get direct access to all music on your phone.

Control Android from PC - Music, Videos, Files, Pictures

Step 1: By double clicking on an MP3 file, you can read it directly on your PC.

Step 2: By double clicking on photo you can view it inside your web browser.

Step 3: To copy a file or several files, select them and click the selection with the right mouse button. Then from context menu click “Download as ZIP“. You can also click on the Download button located at the top right corner of the window.

Download files from Android to PC as .ZIP

Step 4: The files are then downloaded to your computer as a .zip archive.

Step 5: To send a file from your computer to your phone, click “Files“, and then click “Upload” button from top right corner of the window.

Uplaod files from your PC to Android

Step 6: Click the “Select Folder” or “Select Files” button to select which files you want to send Android phone.

Select which files to send to Android from PC

Step 7: The files are then queued and transferred to your phone.

Step 8: Finally close the window and by from your Android device you will be able to access previously uploaded files.

Control Android from PC – Download your apps

Another very useful feature which you can use to control Android from PC with AirDroid is possibility to easily install, uninstall, or save apps from your Android device to your PC hard drive. This can drastically save your time when you installing the same app again because you don’t have to download it from Google Play. To do that:

Step 1: Click “Apps“.

Manage Android apps from PC

Step 2: The list of installed applications is displayed. Check the box to select an application which you want to download or uninstall.

Step 3: Click the “Trash can” to delete it. Confirm with OK.

Delete app from Android

Step 4: Confirm the operation of your phone by tapping on “Yes” and once its uninstalled tap on “OK“.

Proceed to Android device to complete app uninstall

OK, uninstall app from Android

Step 5: To save a selected application on your computer, click the “Download” button.

Step 6: The application format APK is downloaded on your computer.

Step 7: To install an application from APK format, click “Install app” button located in top right corner of window inside your web browser.

Install app from PC to Android device

Step 8: Select the application on your computer and click “Open“.

Step 9: The application is then copied to your phone.

Step 10: Finish the installation on your phone by touching the “OK” button.

There you go! As you can see from this tutorial this phenomenal and free app gives you so much options to control Android from PC no matter if you have tablet or smartphone, you can always access your files, music, movies, images, etc… from any desktop PC. We would love to hear what you think about this app, so leave your opinions in comment section below.

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  • danneauxs

    limited use. It’s most a view stuff on your android app with limited interactiveness. For instantance, if you want to arange those 1000’s of photos on your phone into folders you can’t copy or move then with this app. If you want to organize your home screens from your PC you can’t do that. It’s cool if you want to type SSMs on a full size keyboard or look at files on a big monitor but file manipulation no.