How to check if someone is spying your mobile phone?

With recent discoveries from certain people that governments are spying their citizens and millions other people around the world, many technology users are considered about their security and privacy.

Many many hackers in the virtual world make a living by "breaking" into computers, e-mails, accounts on social networks, which can cause increased concern by users of all these technological services every day.

Moreover, each of you can become mini-hacker, because on the internet there are a number of guidelines on how to "spy on" and how you can break his privacy. On the other hand there are a number of instructions on how to check if someone os listening your technological devices.

Let's just say, if you try to turn off your mobile device, but the lighting in the background if your device do not turn off for a long time, or simply phone refuses to turn off, it is possible that you are tapped. Atypical "behavior" in a number of cases suggest that there are problems with specific components, which can often cause viruses, according to portal Quora.

With the help of the virus hackers often remotely manage your mobile devices, therefore it is very important that you check all those strange phenomena, noises, lights, or use an application that exhibits your mobile device.

Still, it doesn't have to be an indication that you are tapped, so hackers came up with an  solution, in theory, should make it easier for you to find out if somebody encroaches on your privacy.

It is necessary to check that your mobile phone is hot even though he stands somewhere beyond the reach of your hand. If the difference in heat observable, this means that the cell is processing a lot of operations in background and therefore we need to do the following two steps:

Type *#06# after which IMEI will appear, which resembles a bar code.

Open phone Settings, look for the option status or in the search box type the IMEI. If last two digits are equal as in the previous code, this means that your phone is not tapped.

If your numbers are different, it means that you have been or are still under someone's scrutiny.

Also, there are many other ways that you can find around the Internet. Here is one interesting video that we have found:

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