How To Add Storage Space to Microsoft Surface With a MicroSD Card?

Microsoft Surface is available in two versions, one with 32GB and second with 64GB storage space. If you have bought a version with 32GB, after you install Windows RT and other necessary apps, you will end up with only around 16GB free space. However, Microsoft Surface comes with cool feature and allows you to install additional storage (up to maximum 64GB) with microSD card and in this tutorial I will show you how to do that.

Install microSD card on Microsoft Surface.

Installing microSD card on Microsoft Surface is quite easy but the only problem may be locating the necessary slow. For those that still don’t know, it is located behind the kickstand, right above the power connector (take a look at below image if you still can’t find it).

Microsoft Surface MicroSD Card

Simply slide in your microSD card inside that slot and Windows RT will automatically detect it.

Once Windows RT detect the microSD card, it will be listed under “Devices with Removable Storage“.


You can easily add and remove files, like you would on any other drive that you plugged into your Microsoft Surface. You can also access all the files on traditional Desktop or even via modern UI.

With microSD card installed on your Microsoft Surface you can easily increase your storage space, but it has one disadvantage because it does not work seamlessly with Windows Libraries or apps from your Metro-Style very good. However there is a fix for that problem and I will covert that topic too in upcoming days so stay tuned.

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    Surface Pro 3 question. Is it possible to close the kickstand with a micro SD card still in the slot?