How To Adapt Videos To a Mobile Device?

At home, you most probably have multiple devices for watching videos: mobile phone, netbook, tablet, desktop computer, stereo, TV, portable console, and many others.

But all these devices don’t support same video format –  for example your phone won’t be able to play MKV videos; it does not offer the same storage capacity nor the same screen sizes. Knowing that in addition, the transfer of your video will be longer and your device may have trouble reading the file. However there is a solution to that problem.

How To Adapt Videos To a Mobile Device?

With the freeware tool called Hamster Free Video Converter, you can easily convert your video and adjust the screen format and the capacity of your mobile devices. To automatically process a list of videos, this software also allows you to save time during multiple conversions.

Before you proceed to below steps make sure you download and install Hamster Free Video Converter from this link on your computer. Once the installation is completed you can continue following steps below.

Select the videos to convert

Hamster Free Video Converter will allow you to automatically process a list of videos.

Step 1: Start Hamster Free Video Converter by double clicking its shortcut on the desktop.

Launch Hamster app from your desktop

Step 2: When new window opens up click the “Add Files” button.

Click Add Files button

Step 3: From your hard drive select files that you wan to adapt to your mobile device and click “Open” button. If you want to select multiple files at once, press “Ctrl” button on your keyboard and “Left mouse” click on all files that you wish to add.

Step 4: Once you have successively added all your videos files, click “Next” button.


Step 5: Now Hamster Free Video Converter allows you to select the device on which you want to play your videos: a tablet, a phone, a TV, … to adjust the resolution and file size. Click on the brand of your device.

Select brand of your device

Step 6: Scroll down the list and select your device. If your device is not present, choose one whose characteristics (screen size and power) are similar.

Select your device

Step 7: Then increase the video quality. The conversion will take longer, but it will produce video with better quality, especially if your mobile device screen supports HD.

Adjust video quality for your mobile device

Step 8: As your last step, choose format that is supported by your device. You can choose from: AVI, MPEG, WMV, MKV, MP4, 3GP, SWF, MP3, WAV, YouTube, DVD.

Choose video format for your mobile device

Step 9: Once you clicked on any video format  you will be able to adjust few other video quality parameters for your mobile device. You can choose video width and height, video codec, frame rate, bit rate, audio coded, etc… If you are not sure what to choose here, simple leave everything to Auto.

Start conversion

Now that you have set the output format for your desired videos, you’ll be able to start the conversion. Here’s what you need to do.

Step 1: Click on the “Convert” button.

Click convert button to start video conversion

Step 2: Select the folder in which to put converted videos. Note that the original files are not modified. If necessary, create a new folder with the “Create New Folder” button. Click “OK“.

Choose folder where to put converted videos for your mobile device

Step 3: The conversion begins. Note that this may take several hours if your files are large and bulky. In my case, a video of 70MB (45 seconds of HD quality) took around 8 minutes to be converted to maximum video quality.

Conversion started. Wait!

Step 4: Once the conversion is complete, close the window.

Step 5: Then you can transfer the converted files on the device you have chosen. Reading is not a problem: the size and weight of the video screen are suitable for your device.

about the author:

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