OnePlus One: the smartphone with CyanogenMod delayed

The ambitious smartphone called OnePlus One that comes with the CyanogenMod version of Android operating system, has been delayed for shipment. A security issue within OpenSSL is the cause and here are few more information’s about all this problem.

OnePlus One announced last April, is a smartphone that people talk a lot about because of ambitious specifications and affordable of 270 euros – and the fact that embeds CyanogenMod, a custom Android ROM. With its Snapdragon 801 processor clocked at 2.5 GHz, its 3GB of RAM, a 5.5 Full HD IPS display and sensor capable of shooting 4K, the OnePlus One is actually rather attractive.

The device is expected to be available for sale for a few days, for preferred customers immediately, because the order page is only available by invitation. But in practice, shipments are delayed and it is not due to shipping problems: but the shipment of the smartphone has been delayed at the last minute. First time buyers received a message explaining that “a recent major update of the device requires last minute improvements.”

What others say about OnePlus One Delayed?

On Google+, some point to CyanogenMod, since it is the software side seems in question. But Abhisek Devkota, the community manager of CM, gave another version on Reddit: the problem comes from a new security flaw recently discovered in OpenSSL. Nothing to do with Heartbleed, this is a concern to share, which exploits a weakness in the code to perform an attack on user of the data without him even noticing.

Publicly unveiled on June 5, the security flaw challenged OnePlus and CyanogenMod teams, who decided to make an last minute update before sending the device to its users. “A new version means that all firmware must be re-certified, but we believe that safety takes precedence over the delay,” he said, insisting that it is not due to poor planning management by the teams.

The delay should not take too long, maybe only few days, and the smartphone itself will be sent only to small number of users. The smartphone will be more widely available for sale by the end of the year.

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