Flexible AMOLED Screen In Samsung Devices: Available In Mid-2013

A representative of Samsung has confirmed to the Wall Street Journal that the company’s intentions regarding the production of flexible AMOLED displays are quite clear. The South Korean firm will actually begin production of first devices with this type of flexible screens in early 2013, and they should be available to consumers by mid-2013.

Samsung originally planned to begin delivery of the first flexible AMOLED screens in late 2012, but recent rumors suggested a long delay by the company, which has decided to focus on the production of traditional AMOLED displays. Information confirmed at least in part by the Wall Street Journal, which says that Samsung has not yet begun production of the new display devices.

An anonymous source told the daily economic that Samsung Display is currently in the final phase of development of its flexible AMOLED displays, and that the company will start the production in early 2013, and they should be available by mid-2013.

The source of the WSJ has declined to give figures on how much Samsung have invested in the production of this new type of screen, which swapped the glass to plastic. It is also too early to say when the first devices equipped with this technology will appear on the market.

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