7 Accessories for Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung aims to make its Galaxy S4 a user life companion, because the smartphone will never be far from you anytime, and will keep all content and necessary information’s near you such as: pictures, health, games, weather, traffic updates, etc.. And because this new Galaxy smartphone is huge success and users love it, today we decided to introduce you some of most popular accessories for Samsung Galaxy S4.

1) Wireless Charging Pad / Cover for Samsung Galaxy S4

This accessory for Samsung Galaxy S4 is a wireless charger. In order to take an advantage of this wireless charging by induction, you will, however, need to change the back cover of the smartphone. Technology which is increasingly democratized and yet it is unclear whether the Galaxy S4 will be compatible with other inductive chargers already on the market. However if you are after charger that will charge your Samsung Galaxy S4 on old fashion way from power grid we suggest your to buy other alternatives that you can find at this online store.

2) S-Band for Samsung Galaxy S4

This little bracelet will be linked with the S-Health app which is installed in your Galaxy S4 smartphone. The S-Band will have information on your daily physical activity such as calories burned, distance, etc.. This is a phenomenal Galaxy S4 accessory for people that do the fitness or any other kind of sport activities.

3) HRM (Heart Rate Monitor) for Samsung Galaxy S4

Bizarre, The HRM is a chest strap that will allow S-Health to measure your heart rate. Galaxy S4 becoming a heart monitor.

4) Body Scale for Samsung Galaxy S4

Body scale is a smart balance. It also works with S-Health and enable better monitoring of your weight.

5) Headset for Galaxy S4

The kit comes with the Galaxy S4 will give you better sound. With two speakers in each ear, a woofer and a tweeter. This device is supposed to provide a good level of Low and better sound quality.

6) S View Cover for Samsung Galaxy S4

This is a cover for your Galaxy S4, however you will have the access to the screen even when the cover is closed. A bit like the first flip phones, and information such as the name of the caller, for example will be directly visible without opening the cover.

7) Game Pad for Samsung Galaxy S4

The most unusual accessory for Galaxy S4 is this game pad. With no less than nine buttons, two analog sticks and two triggers. This game pad, let us assume that Samsung wants to make a leap into the world of portable consoles. There are many buttons for the casual gaming like Angry Bird or Temple Run, the Korean giant has more than one trick behind the head. It also let us believe that other companies such as Sony and Nintendo will soon have their own version, especially with the record sales of Samsung Galaxy S4. The accessory is however compatible only with the games available on the Samsung online store. This accessory will surely attract video games smartphone enthusiasts.

about the author:

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