Google tests new phones that will attack Apple and Samsung

Google is already testing successors Pixel and Pixel XL in preparing the Pixel 2B, which should have a stronger hardware and a lower price.

Google last year “retired” Nexus brand but presented Pixel smartphones with whom they went into battle for the mobile market and most technology journalists are happy with their devices. The company already is testing new models and successors Pixel and Pixel XL which will attack Apple, Samsung and other mobile companies, but lately there have been information that Googlers are planning to introduce cheaper model that will try to attract more users.

They are currently being tested several models of processors that should be equipped on these phones – among them is the strongest model Snapdragon whose stocks Samsung supposedly booked by April, and Google supposedly developed its own processor that could launches this year or in any future models of Pixel phone.

The new phones, Google will pay special attention to the camera, but do not expect a higher resolution, but even better sensor, the ability to shoot even higher quality photos in low light conditions and some new features. Other options include advanced graphics, more memory and a waterproof, an option that has more top models of smart phones.

Currently there is no information on the diagonals of the screen for Pixel 2 and Pixel 2XL, or screens will probably be the same or similar size as their predecessors presented late last year – 5 and 5.5 inches.

One thing that users who are thinking about purchasing a new generation of Google phone (whose presentation we can expect after the announcement of the new iPhone, sometime in October) is the price, because, if the latest rumors are true, Pixel 2 should be $50 more expensive so it would raise the price above $700.

As it comes to cheaper Pixel model, Googlers are testing several of his version of the device and would, of course, have a much weaker hardware, and will primarily be aimed at developing markets where his biggest competition will probably be cheaper phones from Chinese companies.

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