Google patents a system to improve photos with GPS and analysis of weather

In almost all devices of last generation, there are a number of settings that allow you to change a number of parameters to improve photo quality, but for the less experienced, terms such as balance, exposure, ISO, and much more are acronyms without meaning.

Just to make life easier for those who are not very knowledgeable in the field of photography, Google has patented a particular system that can automatically adjust the camera with a device relying on GPS and weather analysis. Through this system, the smartphone communicate with some sort of central monitors the position of the device, the weather, and when we go to take the picture, it will automatically select the best parameters for the shot.

The procedure, however interesting and ingenious, leads to a question: how long will it take to ensure that the camera is able to capture the image, if it had to assess the parameters from GPS and weather service? Google, without giving further details in this regard, promises the immediacy of the transaction, as we are normally used to decide when you want to capture something.

One thing is certain: we will not see this feature implemented in Android devices that will be launched on the market in the short term, given the technical complexity of the application as explained in the patent.

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