Google Nexus 10 Cover: First Official Accessory

Google Play Store displays the first official accessory for the tablet Nexus 10 … its a case.

Not surprisingly, the case is the first accessory for the Nexus tablet 10 that become available in the Google Play Store. The only surprise is that took more than five months before this kind of accessory become available.

For the moment the case is officially available in U.S. at price of 29.99 dollars excluding tax and shipping. Nexus 10 is equipped with a 10.05-inch screen that displays 2560 by 1600 pixels. The case is a flap and covers only the top portion of the tablet. It is therefore primarily designed to protect the screen in addition to its Gorilla Glass 2 design.

Red Nexus 10 Cover

A positive aspect of this Google Nexus 10 cover is that it will not have the effect of enlarging the tablet which is very thick. In the manner of the Smart Cover for iPad, Case for Nexus 10 includes a magnetized portion which enables user to easily open or close the cover. By cons, it does not allow an inclined position of the device as authorized by the Smart Cover.

With its rounded finish to match the shapes of the Nexus 10, the case is available in dark gray or scarlet color. If you live in U.S. and you want to order Nexus 10 cover you can do that from this link.

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