It’s called Google H840 the successor of the Nexus Q?

At the recent event (Google I/O) that Google has organized for developers and the one we recently covered here on DeviceMondo, the Mountain View giant has made no announcement regarding the Nexus Q, a multimedia entertainment device introduced last year, but never come into the market because of the group’s decision to pause the project.

The device is back in vogue again after the appearance of new version of the app Play Music, users have noticed the disappearance of product support.

Through the signed FCC documentation, however, the information about a new device, which is called the Google H840 Device, identified with the model H2G2-42, which is attributable to its Google project.

The Google have asked the commission to maintain, for the moment, maximum confidentiality of the image and the technical specifications, but this has not prevented some details to leak out: during testing, according to well informed source, it seems that you will have to use a monitor, and that the product needs an external power supply, which confirm that this is not a smartphone or a tablet.

This mysterious device even have a connectivity module Wi-Fi a/b/g/n and a USB port, probably dedicated to the reading of files from external storage. The limited information that is currently ​​available, make it very difficult to know what the big G plan in this area. More information’s about Google H840 device should be available in upcoming months, so stay tuned!

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