Google Glass, not available to the general public within a year?

Eric Schmidt, Google executive chairman, believes it will take another year before proposing a model of glasses to the public.

Google Glasses Availability

Now available to developers and a few thousand lucky users which won the glasses on Mountain View company contest, Google Glass begin to reveal their secrets: running under Android operating system, photos taken by blinking and other functions, are still complete secret because because they are blocked. If all this information will arouse the curiosity of the general public, it will obviously have to wait a while before other users will be able to put their hands on the famous glasses.

In an interview with Radio BBC 4, Eric Schmidt, former CEO of Google, but still present in the upper echelons of the company, explained that the final product was far from being in sight. “There will be thousands of pairs of glasses in the hands of developers in the coming months. And then, based on their feedback, we will make changes to the product, and it will probably take us a year” he says.

The Google Glass Explorer edition, sold for $1,500 to developers and some other privileged users has always been presented as a version that is not mass marketed. It is not surprising that Google plans to make changes to the final product, but many rumors evoked that the final product will be available by the end of 2013, to coincide with the Christmas holidays.

Obviously, Eric Schmidt has put an end to these speculations. and those that want to put their hands on glasses like no other, will therefore have to be patient for next few months.

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