Eric Schmidt denies rumor on the merger of Chrome OS and Android

Eric Schmidt denied “LA” rumor in an interview: “Chrome OS and Android does not merge and will remain two distinct operating systems.”

These two operating system will not merge, however…

Eric Schmidt said it was likely that the two operating systems will eventually have many similarities in their features. This announcement follows the departure of Andy Rubin and his replacement by Sundar Pichai, head of Chrome OS.

The former CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt have 42% stake from Google (or around $ 2.5 billion). From there, many rumors began to flourish suggesting that the former CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt, would probably resign. Fortunately, this will not happend because he responded by indicating “Google is my home.”

According to Forbes, Eric Schmidt is among the 400 wealthiest Americans with a wealth amounting to more than $ 7.5 billion.

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