Google Drive – Improving With Each Update

There are applications that are updated only to fix bugs, without adding anything new. There is the case of Google Drive, which often with new updates improves their functionality, while maintaining the simplicity and integration with other Google services that we have engaged most Android users.

One of the major shortcomings of the previous version, as we noted in some of out previous blog posts, was the difficulty of properly organize our folders from phone. This was a few months ago not so important, but now many of us use tablets and smartphones as content creators and it would be increasingly necessary. Mountain View have listened users demands and now we can create folders, upload files and move between them with ease. We can also filter them by file type and more quickly find what we need.

Another important update, especially if you work with file sharing, automatic synchronization is now possible via 3G (or any other mobile network). Now we can see the changes that others make on common documents even if we are in a WiFi network, ideal for those who travel a lot.

Graphics have also been improved such as document viewing options, both presentations as text files, which can now extended using the famous “pincer movement” and choose the font you want to use, and can also change the style, colors…

The complete list of improvements:

  1. Create folders, upload files and move them to folders.
  2. Filters the contents of folders by file type.
  3. Automatically synchronize content with 3G.
  4. Viewing presentations enhanced.
  5. Supports basic tables in document editor.
  6. Create, solve and reply to comments in the document editor.
  7. Go and change the font in the document editor.
  8. Pinch to zoom in the document editor.
  9. Print with Google Cloud Print.
  10. Improved detection of gestures.

In short, all the improvements are intended to move on to use our smartphones to create texts and other documents, and not just for reference. You can download the new version of Google Drive, as always, from the Google Play store. It supports almost any current smartphone with Android system from version 2.1.

about the author:

Boris Zegarac is the Founder and Chief Editor of DeviceMondo. He is also web designer/developer and professional blogger. On his free time he likes to play PC games and own noobs. If you would like to reach him prove you are smart enough and assemble this email (nycboris at yahoo dot com).