The executive chairman of Google photographed with the Motorola Moto X

The Conference Held in Allen and Co. Sun Valley, for executive chairman of Google Eric Schmidt, was not only an opportunity to tell the renewed dialogue with Apple, but also an event to showcase the new Motorola Moto X. The device was involved, these days, in many of rumors and speculations, but a call, perhaps imprudent by Schmidt, has removed any doubt: the executive has made ​​the call showing off a white version of Motorola Moto X.

Rick Wiking, Reuters photographer, took pictures as far as possible, of phone and device, thus confirming all the rumors about the design of the device emerged during the past few weeks.

What we saw, it is reasonable to think of a upcoming debut of the device, since, if any were needed, it is certain that the device does not represent more than just theory, but it really exists, and Schmidt wanted to launch, with this smart move, a very clear message: the device exists and is already able to deal with all operations of the case.

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