Via Mini PC with Android OS

Android PC System – is a neo ITX motherboard (17 x 8.5 cm) compatible with the mini ITX and integrating a complete system running under Android. The concept is similar to the Raspberry Pi, but the Via system is more complete in some areas, although it has shortcomings.

The motherboard comes with a power of 15W (it only consumes 4W average) and is based on an ancient SoC WonderMedia, the WM8750. This chip integrates an entry-core ARM11 at 800MHz, a basic GPU and a video decoder that is limited to 720p. It comes with huge variety of connections which is a big plus: VGA, HDMI, four USB 2.0 ports, audio input and output and Ethernet. 512 MB of RAM are integrated and the menu offers 2GB of internal flash memory and a microSD connector.

Via motherboard is better equipped (internal memory, more RAM, more connectors), but the motherboard from Raspberry Pi is cheaper – $25 against $50 – more effective on some issues (such as video decoding) and especially more open: while various Linux distributions are already available, Via motherboard does not offer Android 2.3. If Android 4.0 is technically capable of running on an ARM11 processor is too slow for many uses (the Raspberry Pi has the same concern).

The APC card is expected in July 2012 and we hope that Via propose a version with a faster processor a little more muscular, and based on a Cortex A9.

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