Things to know when moving from iOS to Android

The iOS ecosystem was a carefully curated operating system but it turned out to be very restrictive. Even with the September 10th launch of iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, there is a multitude of users that has the urge of leaving Apple family for the relatively larger Android community. If you belong to such a group, here are some of the things that you must know as you move to Google’s Android operating system.

Starting with the basics, almost anything can be customized in the Android operating system. While it is true that there are some things you will miss in the course of your transition, this move has never been a regret to the people who have tried it. There are several things you will meet in the Android world, some which may not make sense to you but knowing them will make your life simpler than what it is now.

Music store

Android is said to have one of the best music stores available in Google Play Music. This application enables users to purchase and stream music directly into their smartphones. Although it is closely related to the iTunes Radio on Apple, this one is slightly upgraded as users can comfortably store the music that they already own on this application.


The iCloud backup might have been so popular but it is not present in the Android operating system. Of course it has something related but not as effective. Whenever you log into a device, some of the data and applications will be restored from the play store, although it is not fully reliable. If you must have a data backup, however, it will require you to backup the entire device using applications such as Carbonite for Android.

Transferring music to your Android Smartphone

This is an easy process that requires you to connect the smartphone’s USB drive to a computer and then copy all your music. Nonetheless, you may be the type of person who wants to stick to the iTunes service. In such a case, you will have to wade through Google’s Play store where are there are several related options.

Picking your gadget

Almost all iOS devices are a one-size fit but it is time you realized that Android offers you a gamut of shapes and sizes to select from. Before you go shopping for the right device, consider a few things. Are you a frequent traveller who will need a user changeable battery? What is the value of a camera to you? Are there any essential features and applications that you don’t want to miss in your next Android smartphone? What is the significance of the screen size to you? With clear answers to all these concerns, your transition to the Android community will be on the go.

You can install virtually anything- but be wary

At some point, you will find yourself installing some unverified packages on the Android device. Amazon app store is a prime example of the apps that most people try to install. Even so, you need to realize that this is the easiest way of getting malware into your device. The only way to prevent the effects of malware attack is through installing only the apps that are present on Google play.

When installing an application, you also need to be careful with the permission that you are granting it. If the little application is asking for permission to send messages on your behalf besides accessing your contacts and photos, you should immediately realize that something is not right.

Swipe is marvellous

The swipe keyboard is one of the features that you will never find on iOS. The installation is a bit tricky but once you have it, be sure that your mind will be literally blown off. Simply put, you don’t type but rather swipe your finger across the keyboard as you pint through the letters that you want. It may sound silly and a little complicated from the onset but once you get used to it, it is more accurate and relatively faster to use in typing.

Entertainment and apps

So where exactly will you get additional stuff for the Android device? The answer is Google Play. It is an alternative to the iTunes on Apple, but it is now on the web. The advantage with this is that you will not need to synchronize your device or even install a program. Go straight to the Google Play site, sign in and browse through the numerous books, movies, music, magazines and apps.

In summary, no one denies the fact that there are some services you will miss as you move to Android but it is also true that you will meet something better to make up for what you are missing. It is all about balancing the scales to determine what you need most.

about the author:

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