Microsoft Office on iOS and Android in November?

Microsoft Office Suite can finally be available for iOS and Android in November when we all expect that Windows 8 also be available.

The rumor we heard long time ago is back again. The Microsoft Office suite could make its way on iOS devices such as iPad, but also on iPhone and iPod touch. Moreover, Android devices are also present.

According to Boy Genius Report, a reliable source at Microsoft told them that Microsoft is currently planning to release the company’s full Office suite for iDevices and Android which will be launched in November this year.

Microsoft Office suite is natively available on the Windows Mobile / Windows Phone platform, and since last April on Symbian. The fruit of the partnership between Microsoft and Nokia.

Microsoft had already denied information that The Daily Office recently announced for iPad. The rumor is revived to be taken lightly.

This rumor comes up with the same questions. Since we are expecting that Windows 8 and ARM architecture (Windows RT) versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote be launched in November, would it then be appropriate to propose Office iPad?

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