Key Lime Pie: 5 expected changes for Android 5.0

Developer Conference Google I/O will be held in May this year. Last year we was able to see many new products that are fully functional today, and among them a new version of Android Jelly Bean. This year, a new version of Android Key Lime Pie, Android 5.0 will be unveiled. After lengthy discussions on what new features it might bring, here are some rumors that have emerged in the past few months.

Project butter for more fluid animations

Google introduced for the first time “Project Butter” with Android 4.1 and thus significantly optimized system performance. Thanks to “Project Butter” the entire system runs more smoothly, like butter. With Android 4.2, it received much more improvements however they have not yet reached the optimal level. With Android version 5 it will be more tailored to remove any slowdowns.

More controls on user profiles

Since Android 4.2, multi-account option is already available on Android devices which is a big step, but it still lacks from many good features and settings. However this will certainly change with Android Key Lime Pie since there is a large list of users that is interested for this feature, especially from those users that share there devices within the family of their friends.

Unified Messaging “Google Babble”

Google Talk, SMS, Google+, Google Voice … The list of different messaging services offered by Google is long. Fortunately, Google is moving with his Babble project to a unified messaging system. We can legitimately think that this service is introduced with Android 5.0. However, it will probably be offered later as a standalone application for smartphones and Android versions.

Widgets for improved lock screen

Since Android 4.2, it is now possible to place widgets on the lock screen. But you can not choose any widget, but only those that are designed for lock screen such as the popular DashClock. In addition, the switches between different widgets is not very well designed. This could be change with Android 5.0, and Google could even extend widgets support and add more features so that you have access to all information at a glance without having to unlock the screen.

A brighter user interface

Android has certainly got refreshed at its fourth version design, but if we now look at the new Google Now or Google Play Store, Android 5 could at least in part, to restore a youthful look to the operating system: stop the dark colors, and move to a clearer and more joyful appearance which would give a general harmony in the system. I am very satisfied with the current look of Android, but it is a change that makes sense. In addition, a clear overlay could also appeal to more users than the current variant blue and black.

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