Everything Need to Know About Android Marshmallow

What is Android Marshmallow?

Android continues to name its different versions as of eatables. The Android Operating System, as vast as it already is, continues to grow, expand and, more importantly, evolve. The Android OS simply keeps getting better with every new update. The latest version of the OS is Android 5.x Lollipop, also known as Android L. Android Lollipop came out late last year, and since it has been almost a year since its release, the world is abuzz about the next version of one of the world’s two top mobile Operating Systems. Android Marshmallow, code named Android M, is the latest and greatest in Android technology – the upcoming version of the OS and successor to Android Lollipop.

What New Goodies Will Android Marshmallow Bring?

Every new version of Android introduces new features, new aspects and new things for developers and average Android users alike to enjoy and play around with. Even though Android Marshmallow has been confirmed to be a relatively small update in terms of overall change to the Operating System, it will, nonetheless, bring with quite a few goodies. Some of the best new features that Android Marshmallow will bring include a completely revamped application permission mode that grants users unprecedented control over app permissions, a new power management tool that has been coined Doze, integrated support for fingerprint scanning hardware and support for USB Type-C. Android Marshmallow will also allow Android devices to ‘adapt’ external storage devices such as MicroSD cards and USB drives connected through USB OTG as internal storage mediums, effectively eliminating many obstacles and barriers for Android users.

When Will Android Marshmallow Be Rolling Out?

Android Marshmallow has been slated for a third quarter release. Seeing as though September is the last month of the third quarter of 2015, Android Marshmallow is expected to start rolling out worldwide in a few days’ time. As usual, the first devices to receive the Android Marshmallow update will be the members of Google’s very own Nexus family, with the flagship devices of all the major manufacturers following them.

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