Android Offline Voice Recognition for Mobile Applications

Android offline voice recognition can now be used in mobile applications to generate voice commands without having to read through remote servers. A first software of this kind that can understand voice commands offline is revealed in video demonstration.

Speech recognition on mobile has been widely reclamation with the appearance of the Siri assistant on Apple iPhone 4S with query processing through remote servers requiring a WiFi or cellular.

After the introduction of Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2 and updated Google Search and Google Now, Google can now use the offline voice recognition in Android mobile applications, enabling developers to integrate voice commands in their software, with or without a functional connection. This feature previously was only available for Google own apps but now every developer can integrate it within their own Android apps.

Android Offline Voice Recognition on Google Play

A first application, utter!, The proposed portal Google Play in beta, uses this new feature and gives a good idea of ​​convenience that may result, beyond the hype that can represent the voice of assistants mobile.

Android Offline Voice Recognition works only on devices running Android Jelly Bean and not meant to be yet another clone of Siri but she enhances the responsiveness and flexibility of the system. It runs in the background and is activated by shaking the device, or by pressing the dedicated button, from which it is possible to dictate commands that will even be able to create demand.

The application developer proposes a demonstration video which you can see below:

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