Android For a Blind Person

John Lennon once said, “Living is easy with eyes closed”. It is true somehow but we sometimes think that a blind person’s life is different from people who can see. In this era, when everywhere you see, you see someone walking with an ipod or an android smartphone. Yes, we are in future, android enabled device is a common item/gadget almost every person holds except blind people. However, you will be amazed to know that android is developed not entirely for the people who can see, sounds amazing right?

Android runs on Linux OS and Google makes it, and as its mission statement says, “it is for everyone”. Google Talkback developed to help impaired vision and blind people. You may be thinking that this article is only for blind people, you are wrong. You can avail some benefits from the same software that is helping a blind person to use android easily. In addition, do you know this method might be somehow slow but it can save your battery? It is more helpful if you are wearing headphones. It is like using android without turning the screen on. Therefore, this topic can be called ‘Using android without screen’. You do not have to download Google Talkback from any playstore market. It comes built in almost in every android. You just have to turn it on from your device or the person’s device that is blind. Just go to settings and if you look at the lower bottom, you will see Accessibility.

Android for a blind personTab in and look for Talkback icon. Turn it on and that is all. Talkback works by using voice commands by user and volume power keys button with different functions, you have to learn first. It is not very hard to get familiarized with Talkback. In few minutes, you will learn how to use it. You can use voice commands or you can tap the screen and it will tell you what is on it. You can ask time and browse Internet, read books and play music.

Android is popular because it is user friendly, it doesn’t ask much and gives more, it is easy to access any information and enjoy Internet and applications, lets your blind person friend use it. It is the best accessibility provided by Google along with many others. You can download all the useful apps including social media apps from playstore after activating Talkback and listen what is on the screen.


about the author:

  • Tisha Wad

    Well written,really helped me a lot. My mom is vision impaired and right now she is trying to figure out my mobile. And pretty much doing great.