5 Great Android Apps for Pet Owners

Any marketer would tell you that one of the biggest target audiences is pet owners. There’re an incredible number of people who own pets or at least really love them. This is why pet merchandise is a very successful industry and the apps were also quick to follow.

Today you can find many apps which are targeted directly to pet owners or people who really love animals. We’ll cover 5 of the most popular and useful types here with one example for each.

The Dog whistle – Free Download

It’s actually brilliant to create an app that is so simple and yet so useful. A dog whistler can be used for training your dog, making him perfume certain actions and let’s face it, makes you feel like a pretty important person. Now you can have your very own dog whistle from your Android.

First Aid for pets – $2.8 Download

This app is actually a must have app for all dog owners. It contains a complete guide for different kinds of emergencies and what you need to do in case they happen. It’s fairly easy to understand and navigate through and it’s not very expensive.

Funny cat pics – Free Download

This is one of the many funny and cute pics viewers you can find on Android, but it’s definitely one of my favorite. It’s basically a simple picture viewer and it gets updated from the web all the time. There’s also an option to share the images, which is great for those of you who love uploading funny cat pics to your Facebook page. I recommend you use it with WiFi so it won’t use up all of your upload allocation, but other than that it’s all pros.

Purina pet health – Free Download

This app was created by Purina as is meant to give you an easy to use tool for keeping records of all of your pet’s health issues – shots, vet’s appointments, dental cleaning, health history and more. The app is fairly new and requires some adjusting, but it’s free and all it seems like it has great potential. In any case, if you can’t wait for improved versions you can find some paid apps which offer very similar features.

The Pet Tracker – Free (but the actual hardware costs around $100) Download

This is by far the most useful and amazing app for pet owners. This little app is the perfect tool for never again losing your pet. To use it you need to but a chip which you attach to your pet’s collar. The app knows to identify your specific chip and track it. You can actually see where it is on Google maps. No doubt this one is a must have application for any pet owner.

Article written by Natalie Halimi – online and mobile marketing expert. Find Natalie on Linkedin.

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