Valve Wants To Take Dota 2 On Tablets

The Valve boss Gabe Newell has a long interview to the portal Kotaku, during which he also spoke about the approach of the software house to the tablet market. Surprisingly, the development team has been working on a tablet version of the popular title Dota 2, but did not achieve the desired result.

Newell has suggested as Valve has pretty high standards to be met, and mobile platforms today are not yet able to offer everything that Valve would like. Newell, however, continued talking about the speed with which the hardware of the tablet is evolving, and it is possible that in a short time be able to get to that level of performance that Valve (and of course other developers) requires that Dota 2 will run smoothly .

Dota 2 is currently in beta and it is unclear when the title will be officially released on PC and Mac Its popularity is, however, already quite high, and for the relative ease with which Valve distribute beta keys, both as official sequel title that practically invented the genre MOBA.

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