Rayman Jungle Run is Delayed on Android Until September 27th

The Ubisoft developers need some more time to optimize the game for the Google operating system.

Ubisoft had planned the Rayman Jungle Run launch yesterday for iOS and Android, however, the company has decided to delay the release of the Android game for a week. The developers regrets the delay, but says that their intention is to use this time to optimize the title and improve the gaming experience on Android devices.

Rayman Jungle Run has a similar approach to Temple Run. By watching the trailer you can see the hero, Rayman, running around the stage, avoiding hazards, while collecting Lums, some nice bright characters.

Visually, this new Rayman adventure resembles Rayman Origins, the latest installment of the series on consoles, which was released last Christmas. It also shares elements with Rayman Legends, one of Ubisoft bets for the launch on Wii U, Nintendo’s new console.

The Rayman series started in 1995 as a platform game in two dimensions. Since its birth, Rayman has appeared in 9 Ubisoft games, including those where he was main character and those in which he appears as a minor character.

If no further delays, Rayman Jungle Run will be lunched for Android on Thursday September 27. You can buy it on Google Play for price of $2.99 or 2.49 euros. Also when game goes live we will hopefully have a chance to test it and write a review so you can be more familiar what to expect in this popular game title on Android.

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