Horn – Game Based on Unreal Engine 3 Available this Month?

Phosphor Games Announces Horn, a new game that will be Android based graphics engine from Epic Games, Unreal Engine 3.

The team in charge for Horn development is also known to have previously released a title called The Dark Meadow, and they are back with Horn to be theoretically as a game based on the graphics engine of Unreal Engine 3, to follow later in year with several other planned titles at Gameloft, EA, etc…

Horn will turn towards a genre action-adventure, playing in the third person in a mixture of battles you have in Infinity Blade and The Dark Meadow with decorations slightly inspired by a Fable or Zelda.

In this title, the player will play a young blacksmith’s apprentice, called Horn, who wakes up in the middle of his village which was invaded by stone monsters, which are in reality other residents of his village.

It will be available this month (August) on iOS and Android, so presumably it will be compatible with a multitude of devices, at least we hope so.

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