ETERNITY WARRIORS 2 – Good Choice of Pure Action on Android

Today I want to present one of those games that make you amazed or be touched upon at the first level of playing and this game name is “Eternity Warriors 2” and it available for Android.

Created by one of the greatest creators of games for Android at the moment, “Glu Mobile” has created this fun and simple game very similar to God of War 3 where we have to use our skills with weapons and destroy all monster.

One of the very few game trailers that I liked a lot is “Eternity Warrior 2” in the video available at the end of this post we see that we must use spears, swords, hammers and anything bigger than our body to attack and defend against the monsters in caves and dungeons.

ETERNITY WARRIORS 2 Fight - Killing Demon warriorETERNITY WARRIORS 2 - Buy new weapons for your warrior

ETERNITY WARRIORS 2 Game features:

  • This game contains controls very easy to learn and great fun for all ages. It includes two joysticks in located in bottom left and bottom right corners of your screen which you use for movement and combat.
  • Play with some pretty decent graphics and incredible sound effects and music.
  • The game features several demons with whom you have to fight and even bosses in each level, remember that it will become much more difficult to defeat the demons enemy army as you progress trough levels.
  • You can use real money to buy coins that will help you buy certain things in the game store such as weapons, skills, armor, potions…, but obviously, it is not mandatory to use real money.
  • Have fun with other people in multiplayer.
  • Eternity Warriors 2 is in English but most of the time you will find yourself fighting with demons and monsters so it’s not very important on which language the game is.

By my opinion this game is one of the best games ever developed by Glu Mobile and that’s why I place this game at the top of the list of my favorite Android games, but the game comes to a point where you have to use the famous coins “Glu” to buy items in the shop and survive longer during boss and demons battles. But still, this game for android is one of those good choices because it has a game mode quite honestly fun and very addictive, so if you want to try it you have my recommendation. Eternity Warriors 2 is available for free in Google Play and you can download it from this link.

about the author:

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