Die Hard Game Available on Android from Google Play Store

Fans of the Die Hard Trilogy will be able to get into shoes of John McClane and eliminate bad guys. Yes, Die Hard is available on Google Play Store.

The game is very basic: advance your character and eliminate enemies as they appear in front of you. The gameplay is good and effective controls, and all is based by swapping with your fingers, left (move left), right (move right), top (jump) or bottom (recharge your weapon). In order to kill the enemies simply tap on them as they appear. Beside shooting on bad guys, you will be able to collect coins (rubles) on your way which can be used to upgrade your Health, reflex, adrenaline or buy new weapons. The graphics are really not bad, and the game is not too greedy, load times are very short (on Galaxy Note 1 it loads in 3-5 seconds). You can download this game from Google Play store.







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