Devil May Cry Comes to Android, But Only in Japan

The mobile devices are a gold mine to extend the various franchises who owns a video game company. There are many games that have come to mobile devices to squeeze the rest of the series. The next name that will come to mobile devices is one of the most celebrated sagas in video games.

This is nothing more nor less than Devil May Cry, making their arrival in the Android device. This game controls both Nero and Dante, the two main protagonists of the saga. The gameplay is mostly to kill various demons that will increase in difficulty as you progress in the game.

Now it comes the bad news, because like many large Japanese productions, this one is also only available in Japan. For cases like this we can use the acclaimed Market Enabler to get access to the game, who’s prices is around $7. Still, it would be good to arrive via the Google Play Store and become easier accessible for everyone.

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