Balls Smasher – Simple But Addictive Game

Here is another android game that lets you Smash, Play, Destroy, Break all the balls and complete the 16 levels! Have a maximum of three lives and the world all the time in order to complete the levels one by one.

Today we are presenting you a game created by a small group of 3 persons which are two programmers and a designer and they call themselves 3Androides. This group of people has created a new Android game called “Balls Smasher” which is a pretty addictive game where you have to smash the balls in the right order so you can make as many points as possible.

During missions you can share your score on Facebook and compete with all your colleagues and friends. The object of the game is to touch the ball that appears at the top and to get as many points as possible.

Balls Smasher Start screenSmash balls in this funny Android video game

Balls Smasher game features:

  • The game is free and fairly small for download.
  • Have fun with the addictive gameplay and easy to play.
  • Play through 16 levels and test your skill as a player.
  • Earn achievements and share the triumph with your colleagues.
  • The game features background noise and other sounds.

This game is quite complete and meets the objective of entertaining the user, but also the advertising that is either above or below the screen may become rather annoying and sometimes advertising sends you to another site (so make sure you don’t click them). This game is very fun and I┬ásincerely┬árecommend it to anyone because it is free and the creators did a great effort to create this game for android. To download Game Smasher game for Android visit Google Play store at this link.

about the author:

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