Mozilla gives up the operating system Firefox OS

In 2013 the company Mozilla’s launch its operating system Firefox OS, which is supposed to pick up where he left off webOS. However, they are giving up.

Unlike Apple and Google, which have focused on the performance of their software and hardware improvements, smart phones with the operating system Firefox OS were designed primarily in emerging markets such as India and Indonesia, where these devices are sold at low prices, even after 25 dollars.

But the great success it was, because it turned out that it is not easy to produce low-cost devices, and is Firefox OS focused on IoT (Internet of intelligent) devices. However, this idea is now past.

Part of the company re-focused on the Firefox web browser, while the 50 employees who worked on the development of Firefox OS and projects unrelated to the browser are out of work.

This means that devices like the Panasonic TVs that use Firefox OS remain without support. Also, IoT projects of the company, who have never become products, were canceled.

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