Archos G10 xs Will Be Unveiled In Three Weeks

Last March, Archos announced two new ranges of tablets, without giving details about their composition or availability date. Today via Facebook, Archos again referred to his model G10 xs and states that it will be announced within three weeks.

As a reminder, we still know relatively little about this product that is thought to be a bit more expensive than the Elements range. It will be proposed with size of 10 inches, it will have a keyboard and a detachable screen and its thickness is only 7.6 mm. Its body is made of metal and the prices should be between $300 and $400.

Announced as being delivered in Android 4.0, we hope we will have more right to the native version 4.1 aka Jelly Bean. It must be said that the launch could be crucial for the brand. While all the giants are preparing their weapons for this season, Archos must succeed to stand out other than by the price to convince users and have a chance to see their products end up in the hands of all students and under many Christmas trees.

Here is a video announced during the previous press conference that describes Archo Gen 10 xs fairly briefly:

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