Dell Latitude 10: Technical Specifications of Future Windows 8 Tablet

Windows 8 is expected to be available by October or November 2012 but manufacturers already furbish their arms. Dell reveals their upcoming tablet called “Latitude 10” and it’s going to have the power to stand next to mighty iPad or Android tablets.

This tablet will be available with 10.1 inch HD screen. With dimensions of 274x177x10.5 mm and weight 710g, the “Dell Latitude 10” will be bulkier and heavier than most Android tablets of the same class, but the display resolution will be 1366 x 768 pixels to maximize Metro environment, and in particular the multi-task with the Snap View.

It will also house the Intel Clover Trail platform, designed specifically for Windows 8, in this case embodied by an SoC Intel Atom codenamed Cloverview. The fact sheet that has escaped Dell said no more, but other leaks have already revealed many other details. Dell is in any case focused on an Atom, rather than a Core ultra-low voltage, not a matter of autonomy, since both are almost on a par, but probably for cost reasons, to compete with ARM.

Next to a quality processor there will also be a 2GB DDR2 RAM, up to 128 GB of flash memory, one sensor at the back with up to 8 million pixels, a front one with 2 million pixels, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and cellular connectivity (e.g. 3G). Dell Latitude 10 is powered by a battery of 30 or 60 WHr, which have the advantage of being removable.

“Dell Latitude 10” Windows 8 Tablet therefore adopt specifications that consistent with the recommendations of Intel and similar or even identical to those that are also preparing HP or Samsung. Unfortunately the price range for this Dell tablet is not available yet, but stay tuned and subscribe to our news and whenever they become available we will publish it.

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