First leaked image of the low-cost BlackBerry R Series

BlackBerry CEO, Thorsten Heins has repeatedly and very explicit, denied the arrival of low-cost devices with the new BlackBerry operating system. However, on the web recently appeared two images that showcase a device belonging to brand new BlackBerry R-series, with a QWERTY keyboard and a less sophisticated design than the Q10, thus we think its a cheaper version of the device.

The sources who spread the pictures above, have only partially supplied the device, which can accommodate a Micro SIM and microSD with 8GB of internal memory for storage and a 1800mAh battery (the same capacity of one mounted on Z10).

Until now, BlackBerry 10 has been associated exclusively to the Z10 and Q10, however it will be great to see an cheaper version of BlackBerry which will go below $600 and become available to much wider number of users. If BlackBerry R truly appear on the market this will also bring new BlackBerry OS easily accessible to other developers which will certainly increase the number of new features and apps that will boost the sale and user interests for BlackBerry devices.

Despite the declared reliability of sources that have published this information, we must stress that it is still an unofficial report and it must be taken with due caution. Even if these information’s about BlackBerry R Series were confirmed, it is far from clear that what we saw in the picture reflects the final product that will eventually be placed on the market.

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