Final Blackberry 10 SDK & London From All Angles

While the market for mobile telephony is essentially dominated by Android and iOS, RIM is preparing to make a comeback with BlackBerry 10. The company also crossed a milestone with the publication of the final version of the SDK. In addition, clear shots of “London” smartphone from all angles can be found on web.

So it is official, the BlackBerry SDK 10 is available in final version. This is a crucial step for RIM because it is from this development kit that new applications will be created. However, no mobile operating system can not hope to work today without a third-party application ecosystem. The goal now is for the company to motivate developers to the launch applications such as Facebook, Twitter clients, Spotify and so on.

To download this development kit, simply visit the official website BlackBerry Developer. Note that several technologies available for applications: native code (BlackBerry NDK), the torque C++/ Qt (Cascades) or WebWorks, which takes the trio HTML5/CSS/JavaScript. Android application developers are also encouraged to bring their apps to the BlackBerry 10, the process is “simplified” according to RIM.

Alongside the release of the SDK, Vietnamese site has published a series of photos of London, codename given to the first full touch smartphone L series of BlackBerry 10.

BlackBerry 10 front bottom viewBlackBerry 10 front view

As you can see, it seems that RIM has specifically worked on the design of its product, taking back to a texture that is reminiscent of the Galaxy Nexus in particular. All seems smooth and finish quality seems incredible:

rim-blackberry-10-topBlackBerry 10 side top view

BlackBerry 10 view from back


The product should not be available before February 2013 at the earliest, or March 2013.

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